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Life no. 7





80 x 100 cm + frame
Framed in a beautiful, light wooden frame.

$815 / € 740 / DKK 5.500

Welcome to my newest collection ''LIFE'', which is a warm and joyful collection of 8 colorful artworks.

The collection should be seen as the exhalation you take when you have gone through something difficult, heavy and sad, and suddenly stand on the other side. When you lose someone you love and life suddenly changes character. When you experience grief that you feel far too young to experience. When you are alone with your feelings and your heart feels broken. Then LIFE is there to brighten your day and give you perspective.

The collection might as well have been called ''GRATITUDE''. Because even though it is painted in the midst of a sadness, it is painted with the greatest love, gratitude and joy. Love for a person. Gratitude for all the time we have together here on earth, and joy for all the grace life brings us. A blooming cherry tree. Freshly cut grass. Sunshine in your face. Laugh with friends. Hugs between loved ones. Life makes you feel and that's what makes it beautiful.

In memory of my mother-in-law <3

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